Our Mission


Our mission is to provide Audio/Video studio support for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the University of Arizona, for the purposes of Education and Research.



icon-mac  TEACHING

Since its debut in fall 2015, UA Online has seen a 280 percent year-to-year growth. SBS faculty often need tools to create online content. This is where the SBSTech studios and our SBSTech professionals step in. The green screen technology will help professors offering online classes deliver visually interesting and memorable lessons.


Students, especially in our journalism courses, will be able to use the studio to practice broadcasting and to create video stories that will build their portfolios and help them find jobs after graduation. Other units might also have student projects that involve creating multimedia stories.

icon-photo  TECHNOLOGY

SBS is dedicated to bringing new technology to education. We research and test professional studio equipment to offer solutions to a wide variety of research and education needs, such as lectures, oral histories, pre-recording podcasts, studio photography, among others. 




From assisting with studio reservations for class trainings in broadcast journalism to providing advice on how to use the studio to take an online class to the next level, SBSTech is here to help.



SBS Studio Rack

SBSTech takes care of daily operation of the studio and provides all IT support to hardware and software.


Tour the Studio


The 574 sq. ft. studio was designed to be used by faculty, students, staff, and guests for various video production needs. The studio is divided into two main areas: a green screen space and interview set. Attached to the studio is a control room and an audio recording room, which includes sound absorption material on the walls and professional audio recording equipment. To tour the studio, Contact us via Ticketdog.

Green Screen setup

Green Screen

Use the green screen to record quality lectures and create engaging multimedia stories by adding any type of background to enrich your message.

Interview Set

Interview Set

The interview set is the most modular of our video recording areas thanks to the on-wheels flats that can be easily reconfigured. Use the set for panel discussions, interviews, and more.

Photography Set

Photography Set

SBSTech also provides photography services to the College. Need a nice profile photo or a picture of your group or team? Send us a ticket and we can help!




SBSTech Studios is run by a team of highly educated and experienced professionals.

Zaragoza "Z" Saenz


Kirk Notarianni


Lizeth Mora



Stop by during one of our scheduled Studio Tours for a first-hand look at all the studio has to offer!

9/12/2018, 12pm - 3pm

10/17/2018, 12pm - 3pm

11/14/2018, 12pm - 3pm


What to Expect


Here are some helpful tips for before, during, and after your visit to the studio:


Where is the Studio located?

The SBSTech Studios is located in the Computer Center Building on the corner of Mountain and Speedway in room 236. Once in the building (the ground floor is called the second floor), look for a big, green double-door and ring the doorbell. There is an SBSTech sign right by the door.

What's the Studio Equipment?

We have a height adjustable desk so you can sit or stand, a teleprompter to follow your script or note, a fully equipped control room, a 70" HD TV you can use to display your materials or to see the recording of your lecture among other cool gadgets!

How to request Studio Services?

Due to limited calendar availability and amount of studio preparation time required prior to your arrival, we recommend booking your studio time well in advance. If you have an idea in mind, please contact us through TicketDog as early as possible. Please note: we require a minimum of two weeks notice for all studio reservations. SBSTech reserves the right to deny your request based on our staffing, schedule and the college priorities. Send us a ticket to schedule your studio project!

What Should I Wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable professional clothing in darker colors since they look best in video. Consider your background, and pick outfits that stand out from your background. Keep jewelry conservative and minimal - avoid shiny or loose jewelry. Avoid complex patterns on your clothes and small stripes or squares since they produce different visual effects. If you are planning on using the green screen, please DO NOT WEAR ANY GREEN!

What Should I Bring?

Bring or send in advance any files that you want to show on the video, notes or a script of what you want to cover, your own makeup kit. We have drinking water available but bring your favorite drink.


Connect With Us


To find out more about how you can use the space for your students and course materials or promotion of your research and teaching:
Go to Ticketdog.arizona.edu and complete an online space request.